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Odyssey Creator

Everything that has to do with shaping the whole experience users have in your Odyssey starts from the Experience Creator. Turning on the experience creator enables you to start building and editing your world, like changing the skybox (the backdrop of your Odyssey), adding objects, manipulating them, and giving them all sorts of cool functions.

How to enter Odyssey Creator mode‚Äč

In order to enter Creator mode you need to simply click on the Odyssey Creator icon in the centre of the toolbar along the bottom. You must be the owner of the world in order for this icon to appear.

You will see a secondary toolbar of features appear on the right side of your screen.

For now you can:

  • Add objects
  • Change skybox.

Furthermore; if you now select an object in your world; you can see that along the central toolbar some new buttons have appeared; there are in order from left to right;

  • Deselect: Deselect your current object.
  • Gizmo: Enable the gizmo to edit your object (size, scale and rotation)
  • Inspector: Opens up the inspector ui panel to give more advanced controls over the object selected
  • Functionalities: Assign a functionality to your object; wrap an image around it; or add text to it; or link it to a video; with more functionalities to come..
  • Delete: Deletes the selected object